“DAS Commissioning at the Forefront of 2018 Roadmap” Ahmed Moustafa; Consultix VP for Business Development.

“DAS networks require multi-phase testing for successful deployment”, said Moustafa. “While Consultix pioneers tools for IBS & DAS design which plays a great role in determining the final cost of the network infrastructure. In 2018 However, Commissioning is prominently in our forefront. DAS commissioning is the most critical phase during deployment and rollout as the entire system has to be validated and optimized at different installation stages before the system goes live (as opposed to traditional telecom infrastructure where optimization takes places after the network goes live). For a DAS to be properly commissioned, its infrastructure must be trouble free, its parameters have to be tuned and its coverage has to be validated. Consultix is packing an all-in-one pouch that covers most of the operations of the DAS field teams.”