Consultix leads the market and provides mobile operators, system integrators, service providers and subcontractors with the ultimate powerful Outdoor CW typical solutions which are particularly designed to save your time on-site and to stay on your project schedule for enhancing network coverage, capacity, and testing in various outdoor applications.

In an outdoor environment, more accurate base station site planning and optimization are big arms in fulfilling the network KPI’s. Additionally, high data rate services require higher received signal levels and improved interference characteristics in the coverage area especially with dense urban areas due to fading and shadowing effects, therefore propagation model tuning/calibration is needed to enable RF prediction models to make reliable simulations. In this regards, CW testing provides RF measurements campaigns of actual coverage of the frequencies under study transmitted by a High-power CW transmitter and measured for the data logging and collection of actual RSSI within the coverage areas. The results are used to tune/calibrate empirical models within the Radio Network planning software to gain better accuracies for reliable coverage.

Moreover, reducing the time-to-market of deploying new technologies, network testing, troubleshooting and optimization requires field convenient & cost affordable tools for model tuning such as high power transmitters that can transmit on multiple technologies simultaneously, small size CW receivers with high sampling rate, data collection SW and end-to-end system engineering for all required accessories like Antennas, cables, tripods,..etc needed for the mission.

Consultix transmitters such as Safari™ or ILLUMINATOR™ fulfill above requirements with flexible configuration up to 4 port; Hence, the best value for money and CAPEX when it comes to multi-technology testing. Such transmitters have certain aspects that are mandatory to save time & efforts such as easy setup and smooth operation when carrying onsite and being portable & heavy duty in addition to wideband operation with a wide power range to meet all customers needs.

In preference to bulky receivers, the customers require portable & lightweight receivers for outdoor model tuning. Scanning of various technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE & CBRS in all frequency bands at the same time using a single receiver with adjustable scanning speed. CellWizard™ receivers are wideband battery-operated receivers with superior sensitivity and dynamic range, it’s used for real-time signal strength measurement and coverage verification of all latest public safety and cellular technologies. CellWizard™ is combined with WALKVIEW™ data collection PC/Andriod software to automatically test & scan RSSI levels at high sample rates that comply with 40-λ Criteria. The test results including RSSI levels and location information are displayed on the software, then the collected data can be used to validate or modify a design with optimal coverage capability.

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