• Maintenance/Repair & Calibration

    We at Consultix believe in the extended lifetime of our products, nevertheless, we provide maintenance/repair & Calibration services through our service centers to support our clients with any accidental product failure as well as any required periodic calibration to ensure devices' ultimate performance.

  • Maintenance/Repair

    If any of our devices need maintenance/repair, we guarantee a reliable, precise and cost-effective repair by the manufacturer or its authorized service centers complying with our quality standards in a very short period of time. Having the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or its authorized service centers maintain/repair its products ensures the highest-quality service centers.

  • Calibration

    The accuracy of all measuring devices degrades over time. This is typically caused by normal wear and tear. And it's acceptable limits vary from industry norms to another and from application to another. The bottom line is that calibration improves the accuracy of the measuring device to be within its specified limits. Accurate measuring devices improve user's projects quality. Being the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we not only test the device but also do the needed modifications and adjustments to optimize the deviating values. Additionally, you will have a calibration certificate attesting your device performance.

Need to request a Maintenance/repair or Calibration service?