1. Consultix warranty means any obligation was taken by the company towards the customer, at no extra charge, to overhaul, replace or service in any way and/or manner this device in case it does not meet the specifications set out in the declaration of guarantee or in the related advertising.
  2. Warranty is against manufacturing defects that cause system failure, malfunction, and exceeding specified limits.
  3. Warranty does not include a defect or malfunction resulting of misuse, destruction, accident, submersion tampering, or theft.
  4. The client is entitled to request a report showing the maintenance of the part that has been repaired or replaced.
  5. Warranty still valid even in the event of loss of this certificate.
  6. Warranty doesn’t include wearable accessories like adapters, connectors, battery, charger, cables, bag, straps, and calibration kit.
  7. Consultix to repair defective items at its full discretion. Typically, the repair time takes less than one week at any of our maintenance centers.  However, we guarantee a maximum maintenance period of 28 working days from the date of reception, after this period Consultix is committed to replacing the device at no charges.
  8. If parts and repair service were purchased, warranty extends to cover the labor cost of part replacement and any other repairs specifically resulting from the initial repair, except in the situations outlined above in clause # 3.
  9. Consultix assumes no responsibility for any total or partial loss of stored user data during the repair procedure of the device.
  10. This warranty applies to devices that have been sold by Consultix or an authorized reseller