Consultix 5G CW Transmitter

Consultix 5G test transmitter is a portable RF signal generator that brings simplicity and affordability to microwave test scenarios pertinent to 5G applications.

The RF performance of the handheld device makes it ideal for field applications as well as several laboratory use cases. Thanks to its calibrated output and a wide range of operation covering frequencies from 25 GHz to 27.8 GHz

Consultix 5G CW transmitter Datasheet 2018
Key Specifications

With an unprecedented output power level of up to 20 dBm, the transmitter significantly exceeds the maximum power levels attained by traditional bench-top signal generators.

The tool is engineered for maximum ease of operation. Among the embodied features are the ergonomic form factor, direct user control through 2 buttons, simple LCD screen and low power consumption that allows powering by commercial power banks for maximum field convenience and flexibility.



  • 2 ppm Frequency accuracy

  • 25 GHz to 27.8 GHz (up to 30 GHz over-range)

  • Output power higher than bench-top equipment

  • Low power consumption


  • Entuitive user interface

  • Ergonomic form factor with side handle

  • 3 Kg weight

  • High grade test accessories

Key Specifications
Frequency RangeFrequency AccuracyPhase NoisePower LevelsPower Supply Weight
25 GHz to 27.8 GHz (over ranges up to 30 GHz)+- 2ppm-108 dBc @ 27 GHz. 1 MHz offset12 dBm to 20 dBmAC/DC Adapter 12V,2 A3 Kg