Shared spectrum licenses bring about a great change to the IBS landscape as these -relatively inexpensive- licenses open the door to many non-traditional players to build their own wireless networks seeking to provide differentiating services to their customers independently from the typical operators. This trend is leading to a spacious eco-system comprising industrial IoT service providers and enterprise IT professionals as well as neutral hosts and -still- the traditional mobile operators themselves.

CBRS is one of the forms that express the global paradigm movement to free chunks of spectrum around 3.5 GHz for unlicensed or "lightly licensed” use. Although it is mainly deployed using Small Cells, CBRS may also play a role in redefining how a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is constructed and who owns it. The RF characteristics of the 3.5 GHz band make it ideal for indoor and small-cell applications whether in terms of less total noise in the band (compared to totally unlicensed bands) or confined propagation characteristics that enable dense indoor / small-cell installations with minimal interference. Such propagation characteristics also make it a prime candidate for sub-6 GHz 5G installations worldwide.

Consultix has been ready way ahead with that band in most of its product lines to sharpen our customers’ competitive edges.

Consultix illuminator™ Multi-mode test transmitter provides both CW signal as well as the modulated mode that supports the 10 MHz LTE carrier for CBRS channel emulation which allows the deployment team to effectively verify and validate small Cells or DAS installations. 

Alternatively, the CellWizard™ portable transmitters with its operation up to 3.95 GHz make it the perfect choice when only CW testing is required.

Using either transmitter along with the CellWizard™ portable CW Receivers provides the complete solution for CBRS wireless testing.

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