Wireless communication became an integral part of modern society. 5G, combined with the blooming Internet of Things (IoT) devices, will raise the stakes even higher. Also, regulatory agencies are requiring venue owners to improve public safety networks.

DAS networks require multi-phase testing for successful deployment; starting from the design phase passing through installation and commissioning and reaching out the on-air acceptance phase. DAS commissioning/Injection is the most critical phase during deployment and rollout as the entire system has to be validated and optimized at different installation stages before the system goes live. For a DAS to be properly commissioned, its infrastructure must be trouble free, parameters have to be tuned and coverage has to be validated.

DAS commissioning/injection is vital to ensure link budget, infrastructure connectivity, and headend loss. DAS injection should be done on all frequencies and at reasonable power levels according to the design. Time and money are everything for your business so repeating DAS injection test for each frequency and with different equipment will be very expensive and exhausting scenario.

Never straying from this exacting formula, Consultix has produced a prolific list of IBS/DAS test equipment that is engineered to reduce cost and time of all DAS deployment lifecycle and innovated to reduce cost & time of all commissioning parts. CellWizard™ Transmitters and Receivers that cover the entire practical bandwidth of cellular network are the perfect CW kit for both DAS injection and CW testing applications; their wideband frequency operation allows a single kit to be used for all bands and technologies either. Multi-Port CellWizard™ Transmitter allows the user to utilize one transmitter to generate up to 4 CW signals simultaneously. WalkView™ software along with CellWizard™ Receiver allows the user to map 4 CW signals simultaneously on the venue floorplan and export professional coverage report.

With CellWizard™ CW kit you will:

  • Measure Headend Loss:

    The Headend Loss measurement is required to validate RF continuity and losses through the entire RF signal-conditioning path at the headend

  • Test Uplink and Downlink Functionality:

    Verify that all active and passive DAS equipment is installed correctly and is functioning properly to meet the design link budget in both downlink and uplink paths

  • Make Post-Build CW testing:

    Perform Post-Build CW testing after successfully completing the Uplink and Downlink Functionality testing. The DAS must be in compliance with the uplink and downlink RF design link budgets before starting Post-Build CW testing. This test confirms that the DAS network meets the design coverage criteria

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