Commissioning prominently is the most critical phase in DAS deployment as for a system to be optimized, it must be validated for ultimate RF transport and performance via the commissioning process.

A DAS to be properly commissioned, its infrastructure must be functional and trouble-free. All infrastructure issues should be demarcated and resolved at this phase. Efficient troubleshooting means being able to solve the problem quickly, correctly and from the first time. And that starts with better diagnosis. Using the right diagnosing tools and the right accessories will make your troubleshooting efforts faster and easier, resulting in faster delivery, reliable deliverables, and happier customers. DAS sweep testing is key during both commissioning and troubleshooting to verify and characterize cables, antennas, and other passive components. Field-ready cable and antenna analyzers used to range from truly handheld single-function instruments too bulky equipment with comparable capabilities to their benchtop counterparts. Advances in miniaturization enabled that today’s field testing equipment optimize the trade-offs among portability, performance, speed, and field-convenience.

Consultix brings more than one truly hand-held device to enable our users to choose the right approach for each and every challenge or scenario. Built for top professionals, the SiteWizard™ MTM-427 is a tool you can use everywhere, from commissioning to acceptance and during troubleshooting defects or spotting potential failures during regular service and maintenance. With its compact size, RF Performance, field-durability, convenient user interface, the SiteWizard™ MTM-427 is a superior sweep tester that is ideal for busy, frontline engineers and technicians who are always on the go in DAS sites. The DASMaster™ comes to fulfill the wider need for a complete RF guru that includes the same functionalities of the SiteWizard™ MTM-427 sweep tester as well as CW measurement receiver capability for model calibration and DAS injection teams, making it the optimum choice to balance your CAPEX if your teams are involved in varied phases of DAS network deployment. Both devices are supported by Consultix SiteAuditor™; an intuitive PC software for test mission archiving, aggregation and professional reporting.

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