Since its founding in 2005, Consultix has helped re-define and grow the market of telecom test equipment for field applications.

Besides its innovative handheld RF testers for general purposes, the company leads the market with the most comprehensive portfolio of testing and planning tools for the fast-growing IBS / DAS industry.

Consultix product lines cover the entire project life cycle end to end; from design and verification, installation testing & commissioning all the way to long-term maintenance, optimization, and monitoring solutions.

All over the world, our innovative range of solutions and services help operators, network vendors, and system Integrators achieve ultimate design performance, fast project deliveries as well as low OPEX.

  • CW Test Kits for Model Tuning / Model Calibration

    Walk-Test tools for precise coverage planning and model tuning to guarantee that your design meets the desired coverage, quality and throughput performance after implementation.

  • IBS Design Optimization

    Expert Design Audit / Professional Design services for challenging sites: Airports, Stadiums, MIMO LTE Throughput estimations..etc.

  • Network Monitoring & Baseline Measurements

    Solutions for quick and easy signal/network quality measurement in the field for baseline and benchmarking measurements on the go.

  • Installation & Maintenance Equipment:

    Cable & Antenna Sweep Testers and Spectrum Analysis tools that combine precision, performance and field ruggedness at an attractive pricing/leasing models.

    Consultix MTM is the world’s most compact sweep tester for Cables & Antennas in the field. Designed specifically for the IBS/DAS environment