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Consultix product lines cover the entire IBS/DAS project life cycle end to end; from design & verification, installation testing & commissioning all the way to long-term maintenance, optimization, and monitoring solutions.

What Our Clients Say

Ramy Reda

NPO Services Business Manager @ Nokia

We have been using Consultix CW Kit in the model calibration of our in-building projects. And we are happy with their after-sales support.

William Fung

CommScope Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd

The WTX-35 transmitter is good and very suitable for our work due to its light weight and portability.

Matti Jokinen

Country Director @ QROI Limited

Quite impressive how small and lightweight the SiteWizard™ MTM-427 is. Does the same as our traditional cable/antenna analyzers but so much smaller and easier to handle.

João Fole

Engineering Manager @ Drivetel Portugal

Thanks to the outdoor CW system from Consultix, its parallel measurements allowed us to accomplish the multiband GSM-R model tuning project for our rail-way authority “Infraestruturas de Portugal” in record time.