Check our Multi-mode LTE Test Transmitter at MWCA’18

With small cells, the number of cells may be so huge that there is a big chance of overlap between cells. This implies challenges in Inter-Cell Interference Management which become critical in the dense deployment of small cells and also in Mobility Management since the handover frequency between adjacent cells increases significantly. Introducing a mix of cell sizes and generating a heterogeneous network adds to the complexity of network planning. From a pure RF perspective, careful frequency reuse plays an important role here, yet with varying propagation effects, the problem is dynamic. Although adopting interference mitigation techniques plays an important role, however careful planning is key to fully maximize the benefits of such investments.

Visit us at MWC’18 Americas and get to know how Consultix Multi-mode LTE test transmitter together with your test phone can greatly help planning teams to achieve the utmost performance of small cells deployment.

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