Consultix Launches a New 28-Ghz Transmitter for 5G Coverage Planning

December 20, 2018 – 5G cellular networks promise revolutionary improvements in network capacity, data rates, and latency, with greatly increased network flexibility and efficiency. As part of the 5G spectrum management, millimeter Wave bands are rapidly building momentum to serve 5G. However, all the physical processes of mmWave bands such as diffraction, scattering, material penetration loss, and free space path loss are significantly different from today’s sub 6 GHz bands due to shorter wavelengths. With that said, field measurements tools for model calibration are crucial to achieve accurate propagation parameters and to overcome uncertainties of prediction and planning tools.

Consultix has announced today the 5G CW test transmitter product launch that comes with high-frequency range testing capabilities to cover a vital portion of the mmWave spectrum and model the in-building propagation characteristics.

The Consultix-5G is the world’s first handheld RF signal generator, serving parts of the 28GHz band with standard output power up to 20 dBm. It was engineered with special attention to the RF performance and field-convenience which are the core values in all Consultix products.

About Consultix

Consultix is a wireless test equipment vendor well recognized for its innovative handheld testers for field applications. And prominently, the company leads the market with the most comprehensive portfolio of testing and planning tools for the fast-growing small cells and DAS technologies.

Consultix IBS/DAS product lines cover the entire project life cycle end to end; from design and verification, installation testing & commissioning all the way to long-term maintenance, optimization, and monitoring solutions.

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